Áfram Latibær! (English: Go, LazyTown!) is the first book from the LazyTown franchise, written by Magnús Scheving and published in 1995.

The book was later adapted as a theater play in 1996.



The residents of LazyTown are lazy and weak due to lack of exercise and unbalanced diet. They spend most of the time playing computer games and watching TV.

All the villages in the country, have to hold a sports competition for children, but LazyTown can't compete and it is in a crisis.

The mayor asks the Sports Elf to help. The elf shows the children that they can have a better lifestyle with healthy food, exercises and balance.

Featured characters

Similar book

A book with a similar plot, titled "Latibær á Ólympíuleikunum" ("LazyTown at the Olympics"), was published in 1996.

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