"It's Fun to Be the Mayor" is the song featured in the episode Double Trouble. It is sung by Robbie Rotten whilst he is disguised as Mayor Meanswell.

It is also included on the UK soundtrack LazyTown - The New Album.


It's great to be me It's awesome to be the Mayor And you can see why - oh my! It's fun to be the Mayor.

I make new rules and they obey They must do whatever I say I'm the leader, there's nothing sweeter I'm the boss and I love to boss 'em all around.

I took a new name That's how I became the Mayor (I'm the Mayor!) A little disguise - SURPRISE! And now I'm the Mayor.

I pick apples and stomp them flat I throw away their balls and bats They must eat sweet sticky treats 'Till their tummys ache and I'll make 'em start all over again.

It's great to be me It's awesome to be the Mayor I'm sure you'd agree Indubitably...

It's fun to be the Mayor.

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