Latibær í vandræðum (English: "LazyTown in Trouble") is an icelandic LazyTown book written by Magnús Scheving in 1997. The book was later adapted for theater play in 1999, under the name "Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ" (English: "Robbie Rotten in LazyTown").


Latibær í vandræðum is the third book from the LazyTown franchise. Editions for young and older kids were published in 1997. The illustrations were made by Halldór Baldursson, who also illustrated the books "Áfram Latibær" ("Let's Go, LazyTown") and "Latibær á Ólympíuleikum" ("LazyTown at the Olympic Games").


The plot of the book is very similar to the storyline of the theater play. The story begins when the Athletic Elf decides to leave LazyTown (or SunshineTown, in the original book series) and visit his friends in Australia. Without anyone to supervision, the kids doesn't seem to be capable of taking care of themselves. The villain "Glanni Glæpur" (Robbie Rotten) enters the story in disguise. He attacks the whole town, steals the vegetables and establishes a factory which process the vegetables into unhealthy canned food. SunshineTown became lazy again. But the Athletic Elf quickly arrives at LazyTown again to save the day. The kids begin to play, exercise and eat home-grown vegetables.


  • Some characters from "Latibær í vandræðum" were scrapped in the theater play, such as: "Halli Hrekkjúsvin", Trixie's twin sister.
  • In the back cover of the original book, you can see Stingy holding his book while saying "This book is mine".
  • This is the first time Robbie Rotten is featured as a character in the LazyTown frachise.
  • In the original book, the town is called "SunshineTown".


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