LazyTown is the town in which the series of same name takes place. Mayor Meanswell, Robbie Rotten and Sportacus are the major influences of the town. LazyTown was labeled as: The happiest place on Earth.

The place was changed in the season 2 of the TV show, with the addition of buildings and changes in positions.


Theater plays (1996-1999)

Although the LazyTown map was first introduced in "Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ", "Áfram Latibær" was set in an early version of LazyTown.

In "Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ", the first version of the LazyTown map was introduced in a scene where Sportacus arrived to LazyTown in his air balloon.

Unaired pilot episode (2002)

Early versions of the buildings from LazyTown were featured in the unaired pilot episode such as: The mayor's house. A few areas of the town can be seen in "The Bing Bang Song".

Nick Jr. LazyTown Ziggy in the Unaired Pilot

Ziggy in front of the mayor's house

Nick Jr. LazyTown Áfram Latibær! Song - Maggi Mjói Jives

Jives in the street of LazyTown

TV show

An enhanced version of the LazyTown map was used for the TV show and new buildings were added.

Major changes were made in season 2. The town remained unchanged in LazyTown Extra and in the next seasons.

Although the redesign of the town was established, footage of the original desing can also be seen in seasons 3 and 4.

Nick Jr. LazyTown Áfram Latibær! Song - Líttu á þetta Latibær

Mayor Meanswell and the Postman in front of the buildings of LazyTown


Season 1

  1. Town Hall
  2. The Mayor's House
  3. Bank
  4. School House
  5. Jives' House
  6. Sports Hall
  7. Stingy's House
  8. The Grocers'
  9. Ziggy's House
  10. Pixel's House
  11. Bessie's House
  12. The Shops
  13. Robbie's Lair

Season 2

  1. Town Hall
  2. The Mayor's House
  3. Bank
  4. School House
  5. Jives' House
  6. Sports Hall
  7. Theater
  8. Stingy's House
  9. The Grocers'
  10. Ziggy's House
  11. Pixel's House
  12. Bessie's House
  13. The Shops
  14. Robbie's Lair

The Sports Hall was moved and the Theater was added. The central buildings were more spaced and unknown houses were added on minor areas of the town.

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