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This song is first featured in Dear Diary. When Stephanie shows Stingy all the times he said "It's mine" in her diary, she also shows him the song he sung about it. The song is also featured in Pixelspix when Robbie Rotten accidently plays the song when he goes into Pixel's computer; and it is featured in LazyTown's Greatest Hits as Stingy's favorite song.

In the British version, the voiceover sings postbox instead of mailbox.


The song is a variation of "Nenni Níski", released in 1996 on the soundtrack CD "Áfram Latibær".

In the original version, Stingy mentions his dad: "Maybe my clothes get wet, maybe my toys break, then my daddy buys new things".

Since the song was featured in Dear Diary, many variations were used as background music for other episodes.


This mailbox is mine
And this triagonal sign
The blue balloon
The month of June
They're mine, mine, mine, mine, mine
Ziggy's sweets are mine
The birdie's tweets are mine
The city's streets
Both your feet
They're all emphatically mine
It all belongs to me
Everything that I see
North, south, east and west
I caress it
'Cause I possess it
I'm Stingy and it's mine!
And this instrumental break is also mine.
The floor and ceiling are mine
All your feelings are mine
You always knew it
That's all there is to it
It's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine
That's what I said, it's mine!

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