Northern Leisure, also known as Kiddy Rides UK, is a company located in the UK that manufactures coin operated kiddie rides. In 2009, they made a ride based on Sportacus' flypod.

The ride

The ride is designed to look like Sportacus' flypod that he uses in the television series, and is surrounded by clouds. It also features a large decal of Sportacus behind it.

There are three buttons on the ride, that feature Sportacus, Stephanie and Robbie. When you press each one, you can hear them speak.

  • Sportacus: "Way to go!"
  • Stephanie: "Go, go, LazyTown!"
  • Robbie: "I'm a genius!"

Additionally, the ride features a built-in radio with five songs.

After a short time, if no buttons are pressed, it automatically plays 'Bing Bang'. Two custom announcements were recorded for this ride, which play before and after the ride.

  • Stephanie: "Press a button on the LazyTown Radio to select a song!"
  • Sportacus: "Thanks for visiting LazyTown. Come back soon!"


  • Although Stephanie sounds like herself in the announcement, the button on the ride has a British accent.
  • The cast possibly recorded their voices for the ride.

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