The Rooster, known as Haninn in Icelandic, is a recurring character in the LazyTown franchise. He is the laziest townsperson, and his only responsibility is crowing every morning.

The Rooster's most prominent appearance is in the LazyTown live show Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ. When the LazyTown concept was adapted for television, some of the Rooster's traits were added to the character of Robbie Rotten. The Rooster does not physically appear in the TV series, but his crowing can be heard frequently throughout the show. Other references to him remain; for example, the symbol of LazyTown is a rooster and the Mayor's paper files display a rooster logo. Other, subtler references include a rooster figurehead on Rottenbeard's ship and a rooster sculpture in the Mayor's kitchen.


The Rooster is the laziest resident of LazyTown. He is so lazy that if someone tried to give him a prize for laziness, he wouldn't feel like taking them up on the offer. His only task is waking the LazyTowners by crowing every morning. The Rooster endures in his ways, constantly getting away with all sorts of handy plans; for example, paying the roosters from other towns to crow for him or playing his crow via a tape recorder. The Rooster lives right in front of the outer walls of LazyTown. He owns a hammock, a TV, and easychair. He usually lies comfortably in his hammock and gossips about everything and nothing. The Rooster is, in certain respects, a pure marvel of a bird.


The Rooster has white feathers, brown eyes, and a light orange beak. He has two overgrown feathers on the top of his head and a wrinkled forehead. He wears brown slippers on his feet.


The Rooster appears in the following LazyTown works:

Crowing instances

The following episodes feature the sound of the Rooster crowing:


  • The Rooster's performer, Guðmundur Þór Kárason, went on to play Ziggy in the television show.


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