For the theme song of the show, see Welcome to LazyTown (song).

"Welcome to LazyTown" is the first aired episode of LazyTown. It is an introduction to the titular community and the main characters.



"Stephanie arrives for the summer, staying with her Uncle Milford. She meets the kids of LazyTown and hears about their very own superhero, Sportacus. Meanwhile, Robbie Rotten attempts to put Sportacus out of commission in various ways, the last of which is a big hole, which Bessie falls into by mistake! It's up to Stephanie to rally her new friends, and it's up to Sportacus to save the day."

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LazyTown I Welcome to LazyTown I Season 1 Full Episode23:16

LazyTown I Welcome to LazyTown I Season 1 Full Episode


  • Before any other episode in the series
  • After The Mine Song (possibly)


  • This marks the first LazyTown content to be shown in full on television.
  • Although this was the first episode to be aired, it was not the first one produced. An unaired episode titled "The Lazy Dance" was filmed before it, but it ended up unfinished due to technical difficulties. There had also been an unaired pilot from several years prior.
  • This episode contains very brief references to the LazyTown origin story.
  • Jives and Officer Obtuse, two scrapped characters from the original Latibær plays, can be seen on the playing cards that the Mayor gives to Stephanie. Older versions of the current characters are pictured on them as well.
  • In this episode, it is implied that Stephanie is only visiting for the summer. However, she attends school in later episodes and is in LazyTown for Christmas in "LazyTown's Surprise Santa". This means that she likely moved to LazyTown permanently afterwards.
  • The Mayor recalls a story about a hero who hails from the North Sea. This is a reference to the show being from Iceland.
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