Ziggy is a main character in LazyTown. He is the youngest resident of the town and has a superhero alter-ego, "SportaCandy". Ziggy's character was designed to represent the effects of an unbalanced diet.


Ziggy has a big heart – and an appetite to match. He doesn’t just live life; he devours it, with tremendous gusto. His goofy enthusiasm and good cheer provide a constant boost to everyone around him. He’s always one of the first to embrace a new idea or to say 'yes' to an adventure, but he’s just as easily distracted, especially by - mmmm - 'Choco-Sugar-Yummies'.

When Ziggy grows up, he wants to be a superhero, just like his idol, Sportacus. And he’s planning on practicing his running and jumping - really, he is - but maybe first he’ll have just one more bite of


Ziggy has fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. He wears a superhero suit, complete with a red cape and a bold Z stitched to his blue tee shirt. He also wears a white shirt under his tee, red shorts, and a pair of blue sneakers.


Ziggy appears in every episode of LazyTown, with the exception of "Robbie's Dream Team". His debut was in "Welcome to LazyTown" and his last appearance was in "Mystery of the Pyramid". He also appears in the following LazyTown productions that are not part of the series:

Major roles

The following episodes focus on Ziggy or have him in a very prominent role.



  • Ziggy's Icelandic name is Siggi Sæti, which translates to "Siggi Sweet".
  • Guðmundur Þór Kárason, who puppeteers and voices Ziggy, started working with Magnús Scheving in 1998. While he would eventually end up puppeteering Ziggy, his first role in a LazyTown production was as Haninn in Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ.
  • The first incarnation of Ziggy appeared in Magnús Scheving's stage show Áfram Latibær! (which toured Iceland in 1996). In the show, Ziggy (known as Siggi Sæti) is an adult who idolizes Superman and wears an ill-fitting Superman costume.


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